Agada VEGIT Products

  • Preserves longevity of food items
  • Patent-pending
  • Plant-derived
  • Odor-free
  • Maintains natural fruit and vegetable flavors
  • Removes waxes and chemicals from foods

Technical Information

Agada Vegit contains only natural, plant-­‐based ingredients formulated to remove waxes, chemicals, pesticides residue, soil and other contaminants.Its ingredients are comprised of filtered water, plant-derived surfactants,vegetable derived glycerin & inorganic mineral salts.One active ingredient includes a complex of bio-­ingredients,which are biologically active phytochemicals present in their natural state in certain fruit matter.

The product is 100% organic, contains no known volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and contains only GRAS materials. No Animal Testing Agada Vegit does not contain phenols, quaternary compounds, chloride (or chlorine dioxide), triclosan, terpenes, phosphates,or SLS (Sodium Laurel Sulphate).

Applications of Agada Vegit for washing

  • Spray product to cover fruits & vegetables completely.
  • Wipe away visible particles and soak and rinse clean.

Product Packaging

  • Spray bottle + 30 ML concentrate => 150 Rs
  • 90 ML refill concentrate bottle => 280 Rs